General Product Information


All equipment is available on a daily rental basis.  Long term and volume pricing also available.  Contact us any time for details and book ahead to guarantee availability – we will hold stock for you!

Equipment Delivery

Although most clients pick up and return their rentals to our warehouses, we can arrange for a 3rd party to deliver and return the equipment, subject to availability.


  • All bins and lids are washed inside and out with soap,water, bleach and all previous labels removed after each rental.
  • File carts, dollies, panels carts,server carts and chair bin casters are regularly cleaned, lubricated and bolts tightened.
  • All carts are re-painted and re- carpeted on a regular basis.

Additional Products

We also sell additional items that are typically required for an office move including:   generic quick release moving labels, computer / keyboard zip lock bags, and bin / lid security ties .